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Rene Kruger specializes in all aspects of fitness, massage and recovery. She has had the honor of working with people from the very sick to super healthy and from the challenged athlete to the elite athlete. All are very unique individuals and have different needs.


How she came to her unique approach and understanding to a fitness & massage for proven results that last.

Rene’s journey in alternative healing began in the fall of 1992 when her family moved to Eastern Europe as missionaries. While there, she was able to experience a healing environment in which natural healing options were used more frequently than were doctors and prescription drugs. Healing mineral spas (Baths) were a normal part of their healing protocol. Herbal remedies that were passed down through generations are still in use today. She was taught how to use herbs, oils and other homemade remedies and alternative remedies became a part of her daily routine.

Later, after the birth of her son, she learned that he suffered from several congenital heart defects. She quit her job to stay home and take care of him. He ended up having two open heart surgeries and during this time he also experienced two strokes. She used any kind of alternative care available to reduce the need for prescription drugs in an attempt to lessen the strain on his body.

She shared her gained knowledge and experience with family and friends who began seeking her recommendations for various ailments. This prompted her to acquire more training and so she enrolled in a natural health school with the goal of obtaining a Bachelors of Science in Natural Health degree. Unfortunately, halfway through her studies, the school she was attending closed due to financial problems. Thus, she unfortunately was unable to complete her degree.

One day she came across information about becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP). She saw a way of helping people using a more hands-on practical application of all her previous training and experience, and acquire some new skills. Knowing that this was what she was meant to do, she enrolled into the program.

Before even completing her HHP certification, she was able to start working with athletes and at various sporting events. She feel in love with it! Since graduating she increased her work with athletes and began even traveling with them. As a huge believer that fitness and exercise is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle, she, herself works out regularly with a combination of mixed martial arts training (MMA), cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training, as well as having her own personal trainer. Naturally, during sports massages she was asked for fitness advice. She knew she had a good understanding about fitness, but still felt there was more she could learn… so as before, she went back to school. This time it was to become a Certified Fitness Trainer.

She has an extensive knowledge and an amazing ability to help people make permanent differences in their lives.


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