We use our passion and knowledge about holistic health and fitness to instruct and motivate others in reaching their nutrition, health and fitness performance goals. We are well-versed in the areas of human anatomy and physiology and use this to focus on the body not just externally, but also internally.

We have the pleasure of training athletes of all levels and ages, from amateur to elite. We also work with those who wish to lose weight, get and stay in shape, and for medical rehab and injury recovery.

During a consultation session with a client, physical assessments are performed and specific goals are set. We then design and direct a fitness programs that are tailored to our client’s needs and for them to achieve their fitness goals.

We offer three different types of training programs:

  • One on One Fitness Training
    During these training sessions we instruct and demonstrate, while observing our clients as they exercise and we correct any improper techniques. This program also includes all of the benefits of distance coaching.
  • Distance Fitness Coaching
    For people who are unable to train with us or travel frequently, We offer distance coaching services which includes: fitness program design and monitoring, nutrition management, as well as health and lifestyle advice.
  • Group Fitness Training
    Prefer to exercise with someone or in a group, we are happy to provide this service as well. This also includes training and education at athletic camps and corporate exercise programs.

Seeing our clients stay the course and improve and achieve their goals is what we strive for. We look forward to every day and each new challenge we can conquer together.

Some of the various types of fitness training we offer include: